Customer first … bots and ads next

An intriguing thing about a lot of sites is they design them with Google Bot crawling and ads to click in mind first and then fit the content around those !! I’d think it’s more important to design a site for your customers first and then make it bot & ad friendly.

If usability is taken care of, even the limited ads that are run will be lot more successful and if basics are taken care of Google will find your content. Direct and Referral visitors are lot more important for most businesses and that comes from usability. and are examples of that – customer first, bots/ads next.

Times of India , Hindustan Times, and Rediff Shopping broke away big time from their old designs and re-launched them in much simpler and easy to use sites. I hope this heralds a new wave of designs in Indian sites, as designers don’t need to get stumped when they are asked “Why not just copy what HT, TOI or Rediff are doing … they are so big”.

p.s. I love the new Hindustan Times site … my vote is for that. What about your’s?

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